Is it bad that my favorite character from Homestuck is Dad





he doesn’t even speak

you have the kids, the alternians, the wastelander prospitians and dersites (ok it’s been awhile since i read the thing shut up) and my favorite is Dad who is the most normal out of everyone in the cast.

infact i like the egbert family and the lalonde family the most out of everyone really.

it’s times like these i wish i could articulate my thoughts better and be real wordy about it haha


bro man


Dad is a fantastic character

i mean here is a guy who spent years investigating the death of his mother after she was struck by a meteor

They witness the destruction of the facility. Collateral damage to a corporation owned by a renowned billionaire explorer. 

A mystery begins.

after ANOTHER METEOR destroyed the Betty Crocker factor she and he were walking passed just months earlier

The gentleman discovers a clue. A powerful nose detects perfume. The lady has fled. The mystery deepens.

here is a guy who took a lady’s scarf as a clue to a fUCKING INVESTIGATION IN HIS MOTHER’S DEATH WHICH WAS CAUSED BY A METEOR

and kept it in such good condition that 13 years later he could recognize the woman it belonged to and return it to her

More wine for the lady? 

This woman sure does seem to like her wine. The gentleman has never met a woman quite so taken with the drink, or one as enchanting and beautiful, for that matter. 

and then went out with her in the middle of a fucking earthquake

The woman has never met a gentleman so strong and considerate and handsome. She cannot tell for certain if her intoxication is due to her seventh glass of wine, or the contours of his proud, powerful nose, and the sensual aroma wafting from his pipe.

and even though he spilled wine on his date she still thinks he’s hot as fuck

The man and the woman are at ease. They have everything because they have each other. They know that together they can make it through anything, whether trouble brings a bit of spilled wine on a chic lab coat, or reduces the very castle beneath their feet to ruins.

here is a total ladiesman wooing the hell out of this girl and still being a chivalrous gentleman while he does wow wow no wonder mom is attracted to you dad im attracted to you too damn

An old mother lost today, but a new son gained.

here is a guy who finds a newborn baby in the ruins of an asteroid that destroyed his joke shop and killed his mother and instead of spitefully abandoning the infant

he adopts the boy as his son

here is a man that sees that his son struggles with self esteem and wants nothing more than for john to realize that dad thinks he is basically the swellest thing that has ever happened to him and john doesn’t even know at this stage of his life that he was brought to earth on a meteor that killed his father’s beloved mother

here is a man that does his absolute best to understand a teenage boy who is right in the middle of a stage of rebellion and rejection and while john tries to find himself his father tries to keep up and make him happy as he struggles with all the stupid dumb things teenagers struggle with and never once did he lose his temper with john when all his fatherly effort fell on deaf ears but he just kept trying because wow he sure loves that kid what a good dad

also it should really be noted that i’m pretty sure dad is the only character in homestuck who has actually punched jack noir in the face

You bear the vicious brunt of this story transition directly in the face. 

You are getting really tired of this feisty man and his busy fists.

you go, dad

i just realized

Dad’s bedroom is full of really normal gentlemanly things but he ran a joke shop with Nanna, but there is no sign from his room that Dad is even really personally interested in stuff like that on his own??

does that mean that Dad also likes to engage in his mom’s interests like how he likes to try and engage in his son’s???? and he even—despite not necessarily being super into humor when it’s just him—still raised his son in a humorous environment because he just loved his mom so much and this was what mom did growing up and mom is cool and its not that he DISLIKES all the fantastic pranks he must think theyre great but he does them to make other people laugh and smile and

wow wow what a fantastic human being he just does whatever he can enjoy anything so genuinely and he just likes to be with his family and make them happy

god i could cry

so many dad feels

i just really love dads

Too much coffee and no time

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